Australian Medical & Scientific Equipment Industries Remuneration Report

The Medical & Scientific Equipment Industries Salaries & Benefits Survey was launched by Aon Hewitt in late 1986 and has since become an established and credible database in the industry today. It was designed to provide a reference to trends in salaries and benefits within organisations producing and/or selling a diverse array of products, extending from everyday items used in large quantities, such as bandages and syringes, to very sophisticated and costly items of capital equipment, such as X-ray, imaging and radiographic equipment, implants, and fine measuring devices.
The latest survey, published in April 2013, has 5,234 lines of salaries and benefits information and 44 contributors from a wide range of organisations within the Diagnostics, Medical Devices and Scientific Products & Equipment industries.

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Report Features
  • Market remuneration and salary packaging information for a total of 5,234 employees across 44 organisations
  • Access to Australia’s largest and most reliable salary database
  • Online remuneration data through Data Centre that can be filtered according to your specific data needs
  • Comprehensive data on all the major elements of the remuneration package - salary, benefits and short and long-term incentives
  • 12-month coverage of actual salary movements and forecasts for the coming year
  • Employee attrition trends
  • 'Career Levels' section that provides separate remuneration tables for each Job Family which can be used to enhance job matching, or as an alternative source of data for non-standard positions
  • Detailed, full-page Position Descriptions for all positions covered in the survey
  • Economic Commentary containing summary of general trends, up-to-date national and global economic indicators and job vacancy data
     Data Submission Materials Available Early August 2013
     Data Submission Due Mid September 2013
     Results Published Late October 2013
How to Participate    Participating is easy. Simply complete and return the Remuneration Report Order Form available below.
Access to this report is available exclusively through participation. Data capture titles will be forwarded to you on receipt of your Order Form.
Data Submission    The provision of your organisation’s remuneration data is a condition of participation in Aon Hewitt salary surveys. This ensures the veracity of the data provided in the Remuneration Report. Our customised data input software ‘Rapid Rem’ makes submitting remuneration data a simple process.
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